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CP7: Working as part of more than one team.

Task 1- Team Working

1.1: Explain what team working means.

A team is something more than a collection of individuals. Teamwork is a group of people working together to achieve the same goal. The whole is more than a sum of the parts. A team can be identified by evidence of some or all of the following:

A shared purpose, vision, aim, objective or outcome
An agreed set of values and principles that underpin activity
A shared understanding of roles and responsibilities
A contract, agreement, plan or framework to work to
A schedule of formal or informal meetings that help direct activity
Shared processes everyone uses for:
Identifying priority outcomes
Monitoring activity
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The team can involve:

Occupational therapist
Health visitor
Family support workers
Social workers etc.

By having this team that supports and surrounds the child it is able to benefit both the parent and child. This team makes sure that the child gets the correct support throughout nursery or school and helps them achieve the best that they can. It also supports the parents, as parents can work closely with the team to help their child at home and they can get accurate information. Failing to work as a team may put the child’s health and well being at risk.

Task 2- Working as part of more than one team.

2.1: Discuss reasons why more than one team external to the organisation would be working together.

A children’s centre example of multi-agency: Imagine a children’s centre. We can quickly identify many teams from other organisations external to the centre who are working there at different times, there is a wide range of activities delivered and services involved.

The challenges: Having multiple groups focused on different activities run by different partners needing different resources presents real challenges.

Organisationally, having everything agreed, prepared and publicised well in advance and then ensuring the right people are in the right place at the right time can be testing! If a team commits to delivering a session, it has to be seen by their manager as a priority so they are not withdrawn. It should