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CPOE case study
1. Provide a brief overview of the case (one paragraph or less). What is this case about?
-This case study talks about Emory Clinic implementing a computerized provider order entry system and describes the changes the clinic went through. The case study also talks about how the system affected the hospital and the healthcare works when implementing to system. It discusses people’s reaction to the system and the advantages and problems that arise when the system was being implemented.
2. What is the purpose of a CPOE system?
-The purpose of a CPOE system is it was designed to reduce, or, whatever possible, eliminate handwritten orders. Some of the advantages of the CPOE system over the handwritten process are that
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10. Socials workers
7. Next identify what you think critical steps are in a CPOE implementation effort. What do you see as being critical aspects of the project that can either lead to success or failure?
- In implementing the CPOE system, critical steps for implementing it successfully should be to think about each patient’s needs. The system is for the healthcare workers to use but depending on how this system is utilized could directly effect a patient’s medical procedures. I also think proper training is a critical step. This refers back to the patients being affected if not utilized correctly.
8. In hindsight, what changes can you recommend for the CPOE system implementation process at Emory that might have reduced issues? I expect you to draw on materials either from your real work experience or from information provided in the course so far. 5 points will be deducted from the score for students who answer “nothing” to this question. I expect more critical thinking than that.
-Some of the problems that existed at Emory were “post-op ordering process”, no gatekeeper, and an increase in lab orders. Some solutions I would recommend to solving some of the listed issues would be increasing the staff count. Having a low staff count with each individual having multiple duties can be tough. Having a higher staff count with a more segregation of duties would prevent a lot of issues from occurring (such as one person just verifying information). Also a big