CPTED Model Of Crime Prevention Essay

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Jesse Horton
Mr. Hurst
Crime Prevention
March 16, 2017
Literature Review
There is a program in the Criminal Justice system called Crime Prevention through Environmental Design. Inside the CPTED model, or the Crime Prevention through Environmental Design model are many kinds of components in the structure of the program. The idea behind the CPTED model is to change the actual design of areas impacted on crime. The different kinds of components in the program are Lightening, Closed Current T.V., and Surveillance. Oscar Newman was the person that came up with the idea of the Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design. Lighting plays a huge role in the prevention of crime. If a neighborhood has a poor lighting system, it will be more prone to having crime done in the certain area that has low visibility. Poor lightening conditions also, offers an opportunity for a criminal to action against a valuable target. This going with the idea of Rational Choice theory, it says that criminals have three factors to commit crime, to have a motivated offender, venerable target, and lack of guardianship. The problem with dark places it helps criminals have a chance to commit crimes. Pease (1999) says, “Lighting may impact crime through various mechanisms.” Lighting offers many positive things, when it comes to neighborhoods. The more
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This type of factor helps, people see more areas at once to help deter crime. Why would someone want to do something if it is on camera? Closed Current T.V. plays a very important role in crime prevention. There was a study done on the issue. There are an estimated 4.2 million cameras in the United Kingdom. Norris and McCahill (2006). A study done with Brandon welsh and David Farrington showed that research evidence shows that CCTV is an effective form of preventing crime and has many other optional benefits. (Welsh and Farrington.