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The Demonic Perspective
Individual who were having illusions or were delusional had a hole drilled in their skull in order to get rid of the spirits. If that person was still alive, the procedure was successful Witchcraft
Correlated with ‘The Crucible’ where Tituba, Sarah Good & Sarah Osborne are accused of witchcraft in Salem, 1692
What to do with the witches?!
Exodus 22:18- Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live
Leviticus 20:27- A man also or woman that hath a familiar spirit, or that is a wizard, shall surely be put to death: they shall stone them with stones: their blood shall be upon them.
Assumptions of Demonology
Secularization: a systematic and general attempt to explain something
The world is a battlefield
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85% of people who were killed for witchcraft were women. It was considered as the women holocaust.
The witch craze involved the destruction of life with endured for thousands of years.
Pagans lived on a particular part of the land, had ceremonies, traditions, goddesses that were appropriate to God. They were part of life traditions (crops grow, help animals, relationship of moon, sun, planets).
With the arrival of Christianity & beliefs, churches were built over the Pagan shrine and goddesses turned into saints.
It’s not unusual that women like Jone D’arc who took prophetic rules and become visionaries leaders.
In the 15th century, women were physicians of the people. They understood the principles of anatomy and nutrition. Priest fumed over the wise women.
No one did more harm to the Catholic faith than the midwives because they interfered with God’s will by using birth control and abortion.
The witch burnings was a way to take control of women’s power (reproduction + body).
Punishments: Those who demand reform were branded as enemies of God followed by accusation of witchcraft. Those who spoke out wore the mask of shame. Husbands were ordered to beat their wives out of charity for their soul. Those who sleep in church wore the rosary necklace. Other faces the ducking stool.
Guilt and sin were a part of Christian life. Sexuality was the root of evil and women were obstacle to a man’s holiness.
St Thomas Aquinas: Greatest