CSEC 630 Final Exam Part 1 Essay example

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CSEC 630 FINAL Exam Spring 2015

DUE by 11:59 PM EST Sunday April 26, 2015

100 points

This examination is worth 20 percent of your total grade. There are five semi open ended questions (worth 70 points) along with an accompanying cyber security action plan template (worth 30 points). You are to answer each of the five questions and to complete the Cyber Security Action Plan template based on best practices and your understanding of the case.

Please refer to the FAQ concerning the maximum length answer for each question.You are to use references where appropriate but are not required to use APA formatting. For the open ended questions you are to provide your answers immediately follow the question as follows:

1. Describe…
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The threat is not limited to outside malicious users but also legitimate users engaged in illegitimate activity.

Based on the above description you are to provide a recommendation of how you would address each of the following ABC Healthcare’s computer network security requirements. Note, whereas cost is typically an important factor, this is not a consideration for this case analysis. Therefore, you do not need to include cost estimates. Your solution should have the “right feel”, despite the lack of depth or details necessary to be accepted by upper management. Be specific in your answers. Write them as if you were writing a proposal to your boss. Since you are developing a solution to a specific circumstance, material that is copied from an outside source will not likely fit so everything should be in your own words.

1. Describe your technical recommendation for addressing the security requirements in the overall technical design of the ABC Healthcare network. This should include both internal and external (untrusted and trusted) aspects. Untrusted would include user connectivity to the Internet. The “trusted” network has the main purpose of supporting the