CYP 3.1 Child Development Charts birth - 19 Essay

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Unit CYP 3.1 : Understand Child and Young Person Development (LO1) 1.1
0 – 6 months Expected pattern of child development

Birth – When pulled to a sitting position, the head lags.
Startled by sudden noise.
Rests weigh on hands. Grabs at surface with hands.
Legs still not strong enough to hold weight when standing.
Can move head deliberately to look around.
Often holds thumbs tucked into their hands.
Moves arms purposely.
Can lift both head and chest supported by forearms.
Reach and grab when a small toy is offered
Can roll to stomach from back.
Plays with feet when lying on back.
Communication and intellectual
Make eye contact and cry to indicate need.
Make non crying noises such as cooing and
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Notices very small objects and uses pincer grip to pick them up.
Likes to stand and watch out of a window.
Will hold pencil in preferred hand.
Refers to themselves by name.
Begin to understand the consequences of their actions.
Speak over 50 words although they understand a lot more.
Interested in names of people and objects.
Can build a 6 block tower.

Social, emotional behavioural and moral

Holds out an arm or foot to help dress.
Needs about 13-14 hours sleep a day.
Curious with new people.
Chews larger pieces of food and is better with a cup and spoon.
More eager to be independent.
Can now drink cows milk.
Can help to undress but not dress self.
Able to remember where objects belong and put away.
More read for potty training.
Will play alongside but not with other children.
Still needs constant reassurance from parents.
Loves books and turns pages roughly.
Loves pretend play.
Alternate between being cling and independent.
Can easily become frustrated.
Are aware that others are anxious or fearful as they climb.
Loves to explore without a sense of danger.
Begin to express feelings.
Likes role play and dress up games.
Requires more attention.

2 - 4years Expected pattern of child development

Can jump from a low step.
Have developed a good sense of balance and special awareness.
Can throw, catch and kick a ball.
Improved control of crayons, pens etc.
Can walk up and down stairs unassisted.