CYPOP 1 Work with babies and young children to promote their development and learning Essay

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Task – CYPOP 1 Work with babies and young children to promote their development and learning

Task 1
An explanation of the potential effects on development of babies and young children of the following experiences.
All babies and young children can show different rates of development. It is often linked to experiences during conception, pregnancy and childbirth. pre-conceptual Lifestyle of parents can have effect on child’s potential development and this is because men’s sperm and women’s ova can be very easily damaged. Those who are planning a child is recommended: quitting smoking, avoiding alcohol and drugs, use of folic acid. It is also recommended not too late to plan a child because of age, it is harder to get pregnant, and
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The process of coating the axons called myelinisation and begins in the first few months of life and is not completed until early adulthood.
Alongside myelinisation in the first two years following the tripling of brain weight as a result of the axons and dendrites increasing in size and an increasing number of synapses being made. External stimulation is definitely very important, because at about the age of 18 months and thereafter the brain ‘prunes’ unused synapses.
Babies who are stimulated and enjoy a rich environment of sensation and movement, should develop strong and dense synapses that will cope with pruning. Babies who are deprived of stimulation and language may lose out the unused synapses and these cannot be replaced later.
That is why is important to create a stimulating environments and providing good sensory opportunities for babies and toddlers.
An explanation of the benefits for babies and young children of a key worker/person system in early years settings.
Babies and young children development is closely related to the quality of the relationships with others. Babies and toddlers do not like to be separated from their parents/ carers, because of their survival mechanism. Both children and parents tend to show signs of separation anxiety and this can create stress for both. That is why system of the key worker/person