Essay on CYPOP5 Task 1 Outline the current legislation covering home based childcare and the role of regulatory bodies

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Legislation regulating home based child carer’s and the role of Ofsted the regulatory body
All people working with children are governed by legislation that is in place to protect your children and the child care provider. In this document I have listed four important legislations that are of particular importance to home based child care providers and noted how I aim to incorporate them into my practice. Child care practitioners also have a regulatory body; in England it is Ofsted. This document gives you a brief description of their supervisory role in child care settings. However, the list of legislation is not comprehensive and nor is the short description of Ofsted’s Role, if you would like more information or would like to discuss
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Any information held will be password protected on a computer which has a firewall, Anti-virus software, mal-ware and spy-ware protection, all of which are kept up to date at all times. Your information will never be shared with anyone without your explicit consent, unless it is felt that there was a child protection issue. Any paper documentation is shredded if it is no longer required and we are registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office who is the Regulatory Authority.
The Home Based Child Carers Regulatory Body
Here in England, home-based child carers are regulated and controlled by Ofsted who have four main processes. These processes are in place to ensure that the prospective child care practitioner meets and maintains all the requirements of a suitable carer including understanding and providing learning and development as required by the Statutory Framework in the Early Years Foundation Stage document. They also make sure that the welfare of the children can be met and are continuing to be met after registration.
It begins with the process of registering with Ofsted who ensure that the potential carer and any other adult living or working with the practitioner have suitable disclosure checks and are healthy enough to care for children. The carer must also complete the prescribed training including First Aid.
Once the carer has been registered, Ofsted make regular checks in the form of inspections to ensure that the setting is being