Essay about Cabelas Marketing

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Cabela’s 2012 Strategic Marketing Plan
Johnson Lee
Integrated Marketing Strategy

Table of Contents
Executive Summary 3
Situation Analysis 3 The Internal Environment 3 The Customer Environment 7 The External Environment 9
SWOT Analysis 12 Developing Competitive Advantages 12 Developing a Strategic Focus 13
Marketing Goals and Objectives 13
Marketing Strategy 13 Primary and Secondary Target Markets 13 Product Strategy 14 Pricing Strategy and Distribution/Supply Chain Strategy 14 Promotion Strategy 15
Marketing Implementation 16 Structural Issues 16 Tactical Marketing Activities 16
Evaluation and Control 16

Executive Summary Cabela’s,
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Cabela’s continues to distribute catalogs and retail ads, which may promote increased awareness among the intended target audience. These goals and objectives are consistent with Cabela’s mission to “passionately serve people who enjoy the outdoor lifestyle by delivering innovation, quality and value in…products and services” (Cabela’s, 2011). Without these goals, Cabela’s would cease to exist and would no longer be able to serve the customer. Given the current state of the economy, these goals will prove to be challenging, but achievable for Cabela’s. Cabela’s strives to provide a high-quality product to serve customers’ outdoor recreation needs. Both Cabela’s brand name and other company brand names are offered. Cabela’s return policy for its products is unique since it allows the customer to return nearly any product for any reason at any time. This unrestricted return policy has encouraged a loyal following, as consumers realize that Cabela’s will stand by its products. Cabela’s employs a cost-plus pricing mechanism, trying to stay within its margin goals while simultaneously making sure prices are in accordance with competition. Discounts are offered occasionally for shipping on the internet. Sale items are found in the “bargain cave” and prices are reduced for discontinued merchandise or if an item has low demand. This level of pricing is appropriate for the target market. One area where pricing may have a downfall is