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Unit 1-Introduction to working with children. E1 & E2
There are 3 different types of settings that provide care and education for children in my area. Statutory, Private and Voluntary.
The first one is statutory, the statutory sector is provided by the government for children and young people. An example of this is a mainstream primary school. I.E. St. Johns C of E primary school in Danbury. This provision is funded by the Government.

Settings like these aim to support children and their families by providing a safe environment for children to grow and learn as individuals. Nurseries and schools help children with basic literacy and numeracy as well as develop other attributes such as curiosity and decision making. In addition to that it also improves P.I.E.S. (Physical, intellectual, emotional and social development) .It also allows parents to be reassured that their children are being well looked after whilst under the schools care. Most Primary schools and other statutory childcare and education settings also offer and hold events for parents to go to and take part in. This supports them by giving families a chance to socialise and get to know other parents, teachers and make new friends.

Another one of the settings is the Voluntary sector. The voluntary sector is funded by contributions and donations from charities. For example, the Danbury Mission Toddlers session in Danbury. It is a church run group. The Government does pay for the preservation. Due to funding coming from outside organisations or fund raising events, there is no money for paid staff so the majority of the staffing is voluntary and people committing their own time to the job.

Voluntary provisions aim to support families, by keeping the costs to join/enter at a minimum. Therefore helping families financially. A lot of Voluntary childcare groups are local, so it makes it easier for families to access and use regularly and also gives parents