Cadberry Tale

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Cadberry tale's

It was early in the morning everything seemed to be going fine and dandy, I was going to my local waffle house like I usually do every morning but this morning was gonna be very different so different that it will change two people life's forever. I had made arrangements two take my wife and son on a trip to Whitby Abbey but my wife got really ill and my son didn't want to leave her side. I intended on saling the tickets and staying home with my wife but she insisted on me to go because I had always wanted to see that great Roman Catholic church, so here I am now sitting in this booth looking for my two contestents to take on this journey with me I had two tickets in my wallet and I was just searching through the local dinner to see if I can find a man like me. Many people in these parts know who I am by all the stupid and crazy things I have done. In the far booth in the corner there was a tall man sitting there alone he looked said and upset like he had just lost a loved one. His tall body just sat there like a sack of potatoes and he just stared out of the window as if he was looking for someone. I sat there and studyed this strange man for what seemed to be hours but where only seconds, I stood up from my booth and walked over to the lonely stranger. I asked the stranger '' mind if I have a seat '' the stanger looked away from the window and with and slight smile and said ''go ahead '' I asked the stranger if he was waiting for someone and he said '' I aint waiting for anyone im just a lonely man '' I looked at the tall man and looked him in the eyes and said ''well today is your lucky day friend I want to take you on the journey of your life'' the sad stranger started smiling from ear to ear and said ''you would really do that for someone like me'' I replied to him '' yes i have two tickets to go to Whitby Abbey with me and i would be pleasured if you went with me.'' The tall stranger stood up and sook my hand and said ''my names frank and I have seen you in this diner alot.'' I stood up gripping his hand and said ''mines chance nice to meet you frank.'' I quickly replied and told frank to meet me back at this spot tomorrow for 7 a.m. Frank shook my hand with tearful eyes and ran out of the diner. I