Cadbury Scweppes Swot and Environments Essay

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NZ Chocolate and confectionary industry

Assignment 1 Task 3
Annelize Vermeulen

Table of Contents NZ Chocolate and confectionary industry 3 Macro environments: 3 Political 3 Environmental 4 Social 6 Technological 7 Economic 7 Porters five forces 8 New Entrants: 9 Substitute: 9 Buyers: 10 Suppliers: 10 Rivalry: 11 Micro environments 12 Consumers: 12 Employees: 12 Suppliers: 13 Distributors, Retailers and wholesalers: 13 Transportation providers: 13 Shareholders and investors: 14 Government: 14 Media: 14 Sponsors and Charity organisations: 15 Direct and Indirect Competitors. 15 Swot Analysis: 15 Segmentation Criteria: 17 Marketing Cadbury Marvellous Creations Jelly
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(Ministry for Primary Industries, 2012)

In order to make sure Cadbury complies with all new rules and regulations that are implied by the government they have a team that is constantly researching the new laws as well as making sure that the company’s current practices complies with all the laws.

In order to minimize the costs of taxes, Cadbury is constantly trying to rather use produce from local producers, rather than having to import and pay greater costs as well as decreasing the carbon mile print they would have made. (Class Notes and Video, 2012)
Cadbury has to make sure that all the necessary nutritional information, allergies and product information is on their labels as well as all the other important legislations enforced by law.
To combat production time that may be cut as factories may only operate from 9-5pm. Cadbury can enlarge the factory and employ more people in order to maintain or even increase the current production totals.
Environmental changes and forces are one of the most important and also constantly changing factors. It is one of the factors that manufacturers have the least amount of control over due to the fact that it derives from the consumer market, the environment and nature itself as well as the thoughts and views of consumers.
Factors include: * Population growth: The bigger the population, the more confectionary and chocolates manufacturers will be able to sell due to an