Cadences: Drum Kit Essay

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English 101
23 September 2013
The sun is setting, and the lights are coming on. As the football team takes the field, a faint, deep sound is heard in the distance. The sound gets louder as the marching band enters the stadium. The sound is coming from the percussion section. It is being made by the tenor drums, snare drums, and bass drums coming together as one to produce a cadence. Many people assume that a drum is a drum. However, band members know each drum is unique and different in its own individual way. The tenor drums are a mounted set of five drums. This allows one person to carry and play multiple drums simultaneously. Typically, there are four main drums that vary in size and diameter and one accent drum. The accent drum is smaller than the rest, and it is called a spock. The purpose of these drums in the marching band is to add color to the music. Each drum has a different pitch. Tenor drums are played with mallets or drumsticks. They enhance the sound of the cadences being played. These types of drums are a great asset to a band. The snare drum is a widely used percussion instrument. It has no pitch. The drum is double- headed with snares on the bottom head. It can be played by striking the drum with a drumstick or any other form of beater. The drummer may strike the head of the drum, the rim, or the shell. When the top head is struck, the snares vibrate against the bottom head and produce a cracking sound. The snare drum is essential to a drum line. Bass drums