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Anna Gomez
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Career Makeup The Art of Being a Makeup Artist. A Makeup Artist by definition is someone who uses cosmetic techniques and processes to create beauty upon the human face or body. I believe that makeup has incredible powers. All kinds of makeup products possesses the same ability, even in the simplest form, whether it being a luxury, high-end lipstick, or a dollar eye shadow. Makeup is a form of physical art that can introduce a person to a whole new world. Perhaps the greatest reason I adore makeup is because of its ability to stimulate my imagination. To become a Makeup Artist you need to have a deep love for cosmetics and the passion to all the things that makeup is capable of doing. Lakeisha T. once said, "This is my passion, something I want to do for the rest of my life. I want to push myself to be one of the top Makeup Artist in the industry." These wise words are something that most great Makeup Artist live by to be the best they can possibly be. The number one inspiration for growing Makeup Artist is the beauty community on YouTube. There are very talented artists that have made it to celebrity status by doing makeup tutorials and bringing cosmetic skills and advice to their viewers. Some of these YouTube stars include Charis Lincoln, Michelle Phan, Bethany Mota and many more. Blogs and social media sites are also inspiring as well as they can keep you up to date with the latest makeup trends. Makeup is a matter of opinion, created by people who sees beauty as a passion as well as a lifestyle. There are several different types of Makeup Artists but there are two main types of Makeup Artists cosmetic and fashion. Cosmetic is when they prepare the client to look their best and helps them find the right look based on their shade and lighting. Typically a cosmetic artist would work at a cosmetic counter at a department store. Fashion is when the Makeup Artists works with fashion designers to create a certain look for the model/client for the show. Another main type of Makeup Artist is a theatrical and film Makeup Artist. Like a fashion Makeup Artist, the theatrical and film Makeup Artist learns to work in different lighting condition, the distance between the stage and the audience and the requirements determined by digital and high definition cameras. This type of Makeup Artist is often recalled as one of the most creative area of Makeup but it can also be the most challenging. The first step in becoming a professional Makeup Artist is to get the education you need to become a successful Makeup Artist. To find the right education you can search for Makeup schools in your area or you can take individual classes for the type of makeup industry you would like to work in. It’s best if you choose 3-5 schools you wish to attend based on the classes they offer as well as other criteria that may apply to you. Most Makeup schools on average take about 3-6 months to complete but some small courses can be less than 6 weeks. To determine the best school you should review what other people have said about the school and about their experience. By doing this you can be more positive by choosing the right school to help you be successful in your career. After you complete your education you then will learn what the responsibilities and duties for a Makeup Artist’s is.The Makeup Artist is responsible to sketch new and creative looks for Makeup. Like art makeup is all about risk and exploring your creative side by creating all these different looks and style. Makeup Artists use several techniques and also have to be unique on their own techniques. The main responsibility that a Makeup Artist has is to update their knowledge about the latest beauty tips and products. Makeup