Caesar’s Assassination Essay

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Astrea Montgomery
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Was Caesar’s Assassination Justifiable?
The major reason Caesar was targeted was because his leadership was feared. In William Shakespeare’s play, Julius Caesar, this was featured clearly. People were scared of the things he could do once crowned king. Caesar’s killers showed that they were aware that Caesar becoming king could have a bad outcome. However, Caesars assassination given the circumstances was not justifiable.
Because of the king before him, people jumped to the conclusion that Caesar would become a corrupt king. Even one of Caesar’s conspirators, Brutus, admitted to Caesar being a good man. Although Caesar’s corruption was a possibility, the assumption was not enough to kill him. Brutus compared him to a “serpent’s egg which hatched, would as his kind grow mischievous, and kill him in the shell” (2-1.33). So far Caesar has shown no signs of malicious intent. Caesar’s corruption is only a fear that has no true reason behind it.
Brutus claimed to be killing Caesar for the good of the people. However, Brutus stated that the letters would only appear “as if they came from several citizens” (1-2.316). Thus, although not aware, he was not doing it for the good of the people. The conspirators likely did it because they were scared of what he could become. Caesars murder is not justifiable even if the people wanted it because he has done nothing wrong.
Caesar’s assassination is not justifiable because of lack of