CAFR Surplus Report: Walter R. Burien, Jr.

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November 27, 2012
The following communication dated May 11, 1999 copied below is from Gerald R. Klatt, a retired federal auditor of 30-years.
While I was still living in Prescott, AZ, Gerald sent me this communication after we had a long conversation in which I briefed him on the collective investment totals and true gross income shown in the corresponding CAFRs of local governments.
Gerald was from Tucson, Arizona so his first look at a CAFR surplus review was in his own back yard of the city of Tucson, AZ and the county of Pima, AZ.
In subsequent conversations I continuously prompted Gerald as a very qualified Federal auditor to get a website up to show CAFR surplus reviews. A few months latter, he launched to show CAFR surplus reviews and guidelines of instructions to teach others to do the same reviews. is still present.
There have been hundreds of thousands of elected and appointed government bureaucrats in office each year for decades. Billions and billions of dollars were and continue to be paid to these individuals. The CAFR “is” government’s accounting document in place since 1946. The document the public should have been going over with a fine toothcomb.
Gerald was the “first” government employee to break the “silence is golden” rule. Bringing forward open and conspicuous mention and audited review of local government CAFRs.
What Gerald did was exemplary and meritorious for the benefit of the population considering the probability for retaliation from the local government syndicate’s intentional and well maintained non-disclosure firmly in place for decades due to the massive money involved.
Gerald asked me to keep his name confidential as noted on page-4 of his cover letter and
I quote: “Governments are unforgiving. I do not need a special individual tax assessment.”
Gerald died July 11th 2004. I found this out when I got a call in 2006 from Gerald’s son from his first marriage. Gerald’s son called me when he could not find his father. I checked Gerald’s house in Tucson and it was sold in 2004. His telephone number disconnected. I then checked the SS death records and discovered he died on 07/11/2004, his birthday. I then called his son to let him know his father died 07/11/04. The cause and circumstances of Gerald’s death to this date I have not yet discovered.

A very important point in reality per what Gerald did in bringing forward CAFR reviews was the fact that all prior and currently active government representatives: Governors,
Senators, Congress, City Councils, County Board of Commissioners, State treasurers,
School Commissioners, not one that I am aware of brought forward for public consumption a CAFR review. Over the decades, all government representatives cooperated and are still cooperating with the “silence is golden” rule and in “fact” they never have made simple and conspicuous public mention of the CAFR. Gerald was “the
FIRST” to do so. True force in breaking the syndicate’s non-disclosure, is needed here.
Please let the fact of Gerald’s effort and the cooperative silence of all others within government; syndicated media; and political arenas sink into your minds and cognitive thinking to genuinely realize the “scope” and “size” of the massive corruption involved whereby this organized silence has been and continues to be the standard across the land.
Over a hundred trillion dollars is involved. Invested collectively and held globally by local and federal government. It is over a decade since Gerald and I started with public disclosure of the collective wealth involved within government. The end results to date is government on all levels has turned up the speed in which they are financially raping the population in all respects as they “increase” their annual take with great speed.
In plain and simple language: Over the decades they were sneaking cookies from the