Caiman Lake: A Short Story

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As the dreary, dull sky casted it’s enormous shadow, I sat on the last step of our lodge patiently waiting for the rain to end it’s anger. Christian, our guide came along with everyone else and I quickly raced him to the boat and sat in the back. He turned on the rusty, old motor as it splashed on me and it tasted like impure water. He began to blabber on about how he saw a jaguar three months ago and I rudely interrupted him and asked him where we were going. He told us today's destination, Caiman Lake. This lake has the most amount of Caiman near the Tahuayo Lodge in Peru.

As we reached there, we left our boat and tethered it to a sturdy tree. Everyone followed Christian, as he cut through the forest. All I heard was the sound of the mystical wind rushing through my ears and Christians machete making sounds like SHING! , TWING! As we got on a steep, rounded log, about the width of a flag pole. We had to pace ourselves. We were required to slowly walk without falling. If you fall you have chances of being someone's dinner! Next, we were finding ourselves with thorns and other
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It was really foggy and humid. It smelled like wet mud. The lake in front of us looked greener than a caterpillar because it was covered with duckweed. He said there are hundreds of Caiman in this vast lake. As we walked around at a safe distance, something caught the apple of my eye. A head of a Caiman popping out trying not to be seen. I glared at it and told everyone really cautiously. Everyone took their cameras and snapped some pictures. As we were about to go on the Caiman sprung up like a pogo stick and dove back down. That particular moment seemed really unforgettable. AHHRRGG! I could feel the rush of pure excitement diffusing through my body like an army. I erupted like a volcano as I thought about this cunning moment. At this moment I felt like this trip was one of a