Essay on Cake and Dear Diary

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6am. My tight eyes being forced open like breaking into a chest. The long, dark, black out curtains were drawn open by my overly excited mother. Although I had no idea what was happening, I could tell it was good. Sneakily, I stood outside my parents' bedroom, hoping to find out the news; good or bad. "We're going to Canada!" I heard. My still tight eyes filled with precious excitement. My heart pumped faster and faster as I burst into their room screaming with enjoyment.
8am. Arriving at the extremely large, loud airport, something I had never done before in my life. I felt nervous. The subtle smell of cases throughout the airport caught my nose, like the new smell of a car. Person after person, I had never seen so many similar families and people in my life! Looking out every tall, thick window, as if they stood over me. There it stood. Never before had I seen such an insane, but enlightening looking structure stand before me. I felt amazed.
19/08/13 Dear Diary
Today I had the most delicious chocolate cake ever! The moist chocolate cake melts in my mouth, sticky with fudge frosting on my tongue. The bitter and simultaneously sweet smell of it puts me in a serene mind state. I smack my full red lips together. With the rich deep shades of brown on every delicious layer this cake acts as a slice of happiness on a white Styrofoam plate.
26/08/13 Dear Diary
Busy crowds bustled up and down the centre, their arms laden with bulging shopping bags. Caring mothers pushed their prams slowly, while distressed toddlers screamed to go home. Food and drink stalls gathered customers. Old and young alike flopped tiredly onto benches to rest their exhausted legs.

In the electronics store vivid lights dazzled customers and dance music pounded out of speakers. Young children entertained themselves on display computers while their parents waited patiently in a winding snake like queue.

Outside a well off couple sauntered past, rather ostentatious in their attire and rather arrogant in their parlance. Disgusted at the apparent tackiness of a nearby fast food chain, they complained…