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C.A.K.E. Consulting
Caring, Acting, Knowing, Experiencing

Total Compensation 3255 (S50)

Phase I
Raman & Harveen

Ferhana Chaudhary
Rachit Jain
Daniel Lal
Raman Sidhu
Henry Wang

C.A.K.E. Consulting is a consulting firm that specializes in compensation and rewards system management. Our current client, Duplox Copiers Canada Limited, is experiencing serious performance problems including: * High employee turnover * Decreased employee morale * Increase in customer dissatisfaction and complaints * A constant decrease in revenues and profits
After thorough analysis of Duplox’s organizational structure, policies, current managerial and compensation strategy, we were able to expose the root
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The TSSs have to follow strict guidelines, when dealing with customer complaints. They need the Field Service Manager’s (FSM) approval to order any parts or tools needed for maintenance. This causes delays in resolving the issue.
Multiple TSSs are involved with one customer’s repairs. Different branches adhere to strict working hours except in case of an emergency call. These calls have to be authorized by the FSM and are unpredictable. Due to high turnover, and the unpredictability of emergency calls, an individual TSS rarely visits the same customer twice in a row (Long6), which in turn negatively affects the customer relationship.
The machines must be installed according to the company standards in terms of space, ventilation, and wiring, however TSSs are not allowed to refuse installations that do not meet company specification, unless they would result in safety problems (Long, 8).
The sales reps are compensated based on the volume of new installations, along with the volume of service contracts sold. When making sales they are reluctant to inform customers about the expensive alterations to their facilities in order to install the machine because they might lose the sale (Long, 8). Improper installations cause higher repair and service costs, and unhappy customers. This makes the job harder for TSSs and the sales staff criticizes them for their poor performance that has led to decreased sales and made is even harder for the