Essay on Calc: Nuclear Weapon and apart Individual Atoms

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Dr. brockman

October 17, 2007

Inappropriate, Immoral, Unethical…

There are many things in life that are thought up or constructed that some say are totally wrong. There are ideas that professors, businessman, and mathematicians have come up with that seem to have implications for applications. Many times the things that are developed in our society in today’s age are not well thought out. People fell to realize the repercussions for some of the things developed. The government for instance just likes to look at one side of the picture instead of the full lay out. All the ideas are just for now not thinking about what consequences they are going to have on society in the long run. There are two main things that seem to stick out the most, one being the Atomic Bomb/nuclear warfare and the other is computer hacking. One may look at these and say it is not really that big of a deal but in my opinion these are two primary faults that could not only ruin a single population but the entire mankind! When I think of some of the ways mathematics has been used wrongly the construction of an atomic bomb puts the nail in the head. It has become one of the most dangerous, life ending, and risky inventions of all time. Some may say that an atomic bomb may not have much to do with mathematics but yet they are wrong. It was actually Albert Einstein himself that let Franklin Roosevelt know that the Nazi Germans were working on a project that consisted of nuclear power. Once the scientists, mathematicians, and physicists all finished the delicate process of breaking apart individual atoms, counting particles to an exact number, and separating individual isotopes they realized they had made a super bomb. Once this bomb was dropped for the first time over a desert in New Mexico you got words out of people’s mouths along the lines of, ‘My God, what have we done?” One of the greatest human inventions or divine creations has seemed to stab us in the back. Nuclear warfare could be the single cause of the end of the world. I truly believe that if there ever was to be another world war it would cause a totally annihilation of this earth. When it comes time for us to hang our hat we can look back and say just look at what a single idea of mathematics has caused. Though a lot of good has came from the idea of mathematics, it is people’s poor judgment and a person’s innate self desire that has gotten them caught up into figuring out a new way or solving a new problem. In this case it happened to be the Nuclear “Atom” Bomb. It was an angry United States wanting to put an end to a long and grueling war just to put fear into to everyone’s hearts seventy years down the road of total world annihilation. Another way mathematics has seemed to be used immorally is by computer hacking. People are becoming so computer friendly and our society is growing more and more dependent upon computers that it is a scary thought as to what would happen if there was a total black out. Our country would go into chaos. It is actually not a farfetched thought to think that some one could hack into a computer system and shut down vital working organs of our country. The government has special trained people to work, fix, and decipher codes that could potentially harm the country,…