Calculaton Of House Of Planet Essay

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3/18/2009 - Learn Astrology


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Calculation of House of a Planet

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It is very important to consider the house division for correct predictions. The planets show their behaviour according to the house they occupy. This lesson describes the method to calculate the dimensions of the house and thus determine in which house the planet lies. It also describes the Western or K P
Method of house division.
By now we have learnt how to c alculate ascendant, tenth house and planets' position. Using this data, we shall now determine the span of a house and in whic h house a planet is posited.

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What is a House?
The c ircle of the zodiac is divided into 12 divisions c alled houses. Each house does not nec essarily extend to 300 - it is either less or more.
Ac cording to the Vedic astrology, asc endant is the mid point of the first house and mid heaven is the mid point of the tenth house. A house starts approximately 150 before the mid point and extends about 150 beyond the mid point. The point at whic h the first house ends and next house starts is c alled "Bhava Sandhi" and the house extends from first Sandhi to the next. However, the whole sign does not fall in one house. A house normally extends over two signs. Each planet, depending upon its degree, falls in one sign and one house.
The house as visible in the Lagna chart is not the planet's ac tual house position.

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3/18/2009 - Learn Astrology

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House division
For any date, time and plac e, there are some stars rising in the eastern origin and some stars setting in the western horizon. This is bec ause of the earth's rotation around its axis. The eastern horizon is c alled the first house, whereas the western horizon is the 7th house.
The point above the head of the person is c alled the mid heaven or the 10th house. In Indian system of house division the rising point, the setting point and the mid heaven point are c onsidered the c entre of the 1st house, 7th house and 10th house respec tively, whereas in the western system these are c onsidered the starting points of the houses. » Book Store


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Why do we calculate house
In astrology, we desc ribe the planet's results in a partic ular house.
The planets are known to give results ac cording to the house in whic h they live. The Lagna c hart only tells us in whic h sign a planet is posited. It also tells us about the aspec ts of a planet on the other planets. However, it does not c onfirm the house in whic h a planet is situated. So we make another c hart called Chalit, whic h gives us the information about the house in which a planet is posited.
To draw the Chalit c hart, determine the starting point of the twelve houses as desc ribed and if the planet degree lies in the extent of the house, then plac e the planet in that house. Normally the house position derived in such a manner and the house occupied by the planet in the Lagna chart are same. But they tend to differ if the asc endant degree is high and planet degree is low or vic e versa. To represent this situation, sometimes we plac e the planet in Bhava
Sandhi. We draw a c hart with