The Things To Be At A Place Of Love

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You ever get those moments when it occurs to you that you have been so busy trying to pacify everyone else, never stopping for a moment to figure out what makes you happy. Then you stop and think, can I be happy or am I meant to be at a place of settlement for contemptment. If you voice your concerns, you are labeled weak or even better weird. Weird...who makes the stipulation to what is weird and what is normal. If I do not act as you, or do not think as you do, I do not dress like you, I do not react as you, that makes me weird. When does the labels stop, when do we as a society, learn that it takes each and everyone of us to make this big world go around and if each and everyone of us take a good hard look at ourselves, we might just discover that in each of us lies a weird, scared, weak, broke, tattoo, earring wearing, narotic, fragile, freak and outcast. Some of us wear our feelings on the outside, while others hide it behind a smile. For example, look at that quarter back that while in school was mr. popular with the beauty queens for girlfriends but now 20 years later, drinks to much, has blown out knee's, a wife that never even acts as if he is alive and a career path that is no different than his neighbors or that fragile little girl that everyone picked on for being so timid and shy, because she didnt act like all the other girls. She gets casted to the side to walk through the journey of school and life alone because she wore to dark of make-up, black clothes or