Calender: Ayn Rand and Captivating Way Essay

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Throughout literary works, society seems to always be analyzed and distinguished differently by each author. The captivating way in which they can simultaneously use literal and figurative devices help to captivate each reader’s mind. Anthem by Ayn Rand can be a great example of this piece because it defies the way a reader understands and sees society as a whole. In One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest however, Ken Kessey defies how a reader sees the connection between a mental ward and a totalitarian society. Nurse Ratched’s ward can be seen as this because there are so many similarities that a reader has no doubt but to clearly see the connection. She is the one who controls all aspects of the ward and her patients are the prisoners, likewise she is the dictator. The dictator that many can connect her to is Hugo Chavez due to the similarities involved between both leaderships. Kessey uses the expanse of the mental patients under the control of Nurse Ratched as a connection to a society or country being controlled by a dictator in a totalitarian society. Nurse Ratched is seen as the dictator of this mental ward with the comparisons that can be formed are quite distinct. Her air of c...Some Houston pastors are being forced to hand their sermons over to the city -- and they're not happy about the government reading over their shoulders.

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