California and San Gabriel Mission Essay

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San Gabriel Mission

The mission I did my report on is the San Gabriel mission. Much of California’s history began with the Spanish missions. The 21 missions represent the arrival of non-native Americans. The life of the Native Americans changed. The missions brought Christianity, livestock, fruits, flowers, and grains. The first mission was established in 1769, the mission of San Diego de Alcala. Missions were established because the Spanish wanted to make colonies Alta California and to change Native Americans to Christianity. The missions affected the Native Americans because the Spanish exposed them to diseases as many as ¾ of Native Americans died. The Spanish also brought cattle, fruits, flowers, and grains. My mission was established on September 8,1771. It is located 9 miles east of central los Angeles in San Gabriel California .The founding fathers of my mission are Angel Fernandez de Somera and Pedro Benito Cambon. The mission was named after Gabriel the Archangel or messenger of god. The livestock kept at my mission is cows chickens, pigs, and sheep. The cows were used for milk, butter, and cheese, the chickens were used for eggs, the pigs were used for food, and the sheep was used for wool. The orchards that were grown at my mission are oranges, olives, fig, plum, peach, and pomegranate. They were used for food. They also had grape vines that made wine for other missions. The tribes associated with my mission are the Chumash and the Tonva Indians. Their jobs were to hunt and fish for animals to eat. The first building was built of wood poles and brush. Then they replaced the first building with one made with large adobe bricks and stone. The church was built