California Blue Lessons

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Lessons in California Blue
California Blue, by David Klass shows how characters in the novel learned life lessons. This novel California Blue, showed lessons by teaching you how to stand up for yourself, making decisions, and dealing with your own problems in life. This book relates to life in many ways because everyday we are learning new lessons. California Blue, shows how each character learns life lessons throughout the book.
John learns many lessons throughout his junior year in high school. John faced the worst problem ever. His father was diagnosed with Leukemia and John knew his father only had a short amount of time left before he died. John and his father didn’t have a strong relationship. He was scared that he would be all alone and have to take care of his mother by himself. John’s lesson that he learns was that you cant runaway from your problems in life.
California Blue taught me many lessons that you learn in life. These lessons were learned because the characters faced difficulties and problems through out the novel. John made many difficult decisions and didn’t let anyone convince him. I learned that you shouldn’t follow someone or be peer pressured, make your own decisions in life.
John’s father Henry is facing many difficulties in his life. Henry was diagnosed with Leukemia and he was going to die. Henry tries the hardest he can to make it seem like hes fine and that he wont die. John places second in every one of his track meets. He tries