California Law Sb54 Ethical Issues

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California Law SB54 causes a moral predicament in California as it severely limits law enforcement and jailer cooperation with I.C.E. The Orange County Board of Supervisors has voted to join the Federal Government's lawsuit against California over this issue. The passage of this law creates an ethical dilemma in California furthermore, it forms one between California and the Federal Government.

The Federal Government is cracking down on illegal immigration in this country and California stepped to the forefront of this issue by passing California “Sanctuary State” Law SB54 therefore, it puts California, California Counties and cities at odds with the Federal Government. The ethical dilemma that this creates is when is it alright
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One of President Trumps campaign promises was to enact tougher immigration laws and build a wall between Mexico and the United States. President Trump’s hard line on immigration has caused protest and a large outcry across America on both sides of the issue, especially in California which has numerous sanctuary cities. President Trump has threatened to block federal aid money from sanctuary cities that do not cooperate with I.C.E and other Federal Agencies in the enforcement of Federal Immigration Laws. This hardline stand by the Federal Government is meant to protect U.S. Citizens from the illegal immigrants who commit violent crimes, are gang members and drug dealers. The government recognizes that there are millions of illegal immigrants that are law abiding, contributing members of society. But the fact that they are here illegally causes problems that are contrary to President Trumps "compassion for struggling American families that deserve an immigrant system that puts their needs first." (Bennett, 2017) Orange County in California is joining this fight by bucking the system and joining a lawsuit filed by the Justice Department against California. This occurred shortly after a small city in Northern Orange County passed an Ordinance that would exempt it from California Law SB45. …show more content…
(Hursthouse & Pettigrove, 2003) This would require California to look at the all their citizens and not just the illegal immigrants and what is best for the State as a whole. The Federal Government would have to look at California’s point of view and be open and honest about their intent with enforcing immigration laws. Once both sides have had a chance to reflect on where they stand and having heard the other side's point of view, then the Federal Government and California would sit down and have a conversation to find a middle ground on which they can mutually