California the Best State To Live In Essay

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English 050
25 February 2013
California the Best State To Live In When I decided to come to America, the first thing that came to my mind was “the land of opportunity.” I thought about my ideal job, career and then the dilemma: what state should I choose to live in? After a lot of researching, thinking and asking people, I made my decision: California is the best state to live in. It has the best weather, it is rich in culture and it has beautiful sceneries. In the state of California there are different types of weather. Throughout the year in different parts of the state you can experience warm climates, cool fresh air or dry and dusty winds. Depending on the hills or valleys you can choose what climate is best for you, based on your preferences. For example, in the Central Valley around the Bakersfield area you can never miss the sunshine, or the Rocky Mountains in the desert of Palm Springs, but if you are used to the cold weather, the north side of the state will be the best to live in. California is very rich in culture. The diversity of the backgrounds of every resident is wide and includes: Hispanic, Asian and African-American, to name a few of the most common cultures. In the city of Los Angeles you can try a little taste of all of these influential cultures, just by going to a local ethnic restaurant or a parade for Latin American Independence Day; all of this can be experienced in one city.
There’s a lot of beauty in this state, the nature and sceneries are also breathtaking. I