Essay on California: Why People Want to Leave

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California is a big city and a big industry that have many companies and crowded people everywhere. Although California has one of the biggest industries in the world which is the motion picture industry that provides films, it still has some dangers because of the other states and countries that are trying and fighting to lure away production. In fact, some people nowadays are emerging from California due to several issues that the state has. Obviously, people should start their business out of California because employees are asking to move out, climate change is hitting California, and the economy is collapsing.
Employees are asking their companies to move out of California. Many big companies such as Nokia, Mori seiki cooperation, a Japanese company, Drake controls are moving out of the state because of many requests from their employees to leave California (California.2). Firstly, employees are asking to move out of California because of the traffic jam that California is experiencing and because they cannot afford to buy a house in California. So, employees want a city or a state that have fewer traffic jams in order to go easily to their work and a cheaper state to afford for a decent life. California is a really crowded city and not everyone could afford living there. Only people who have a good and high income and a sustainable life can live in California. A normal employee in a company told his vice president that he used to live in Texas and the living style was much easier and cheaper than California and he requested from the board of the company to move to another state (California.2).
Secondly, people want to move out of California to start a new business because they will have more and new opportunities to find jobs out of California. Because of the great population in the state of California and of the importance of this city in