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Call Center Assessment
Amanda Lisic
HRM 552
June 29, 2015
Teresa Mitchell

Call Center Assessment
Call centers have a history of having high turn over in the employment however there are ways to control the amount of turn over. Currently the call center for the Global Travel Agency is costing the company bottom line with high turn over. Customers are complaining that the current staff are rude, impatient and confused when answering the phones. There are some steps that need to be taken and a plan to be implemented in order to decrease turn over rate and improve the service, which will lead to better profit and happy customers and workers.
Job Analysis
First performing a job analysis will help develop a job description for the job of call center customer representative. “Job analysis serves as the beginning point of many human resource functions. Jobs must be analyzed before many of the other human resource functions can be performed.” (Byars & Rue, 2008) For a call center an employee must have strong customer service skills, good communication skills, attention to detail, organization skills, flexible, creative and calm under pressure. Being able to sit for extended periods of time and work with data entry is also something that should be mentioned to potential employees. A clear set of guidelines should be given to all employees on what areas they can make best judgment calls and when a next tier or department should handle the decision. Posting of the company vision statement should be in several places to remind the staff what the common goal is everyday.
Training Programs
Developing an effective training program for employees is an essential piece to the success of any business. Training programs provide many benefits for both employees and the company, however they need to be carefully planned and properly implemented. This requires a clear understanding of all policies, job functions, goals and company philosophy. By preparing a clear training program it will lead to increased morale and productivity for employees, and higher profits for the company. “Training is a means to a specific end, so keeping goals in mind during the development and implementation stages of your training program will assist in creating a clearly defined and effective program.” (McKay, 2015)
For Global Travel Company a clear training program needs to be implemented from orientation and continuing throughout the employment of each call center member. This will help resolve many of the problems it is currently having and help cut costs overall in the company. Once an employee with the right qualifications is found it is up to management to make sure the employee knows what is expected of them. This is done both during the interview process and with the onboarding. A copy of the company vision statement, summary of the business history, hours of operation and systems to operate should be laid out in the new employee training. A training of the software and outline of clearly defined set of rule of how to operate in the role should be also done.
Next step will be a shadowing (coaching) period where a new employee may watch and experienced worker do the process correctly and then the new employee will do the steps themselves while being watched. Once successful the new employee may be paired with an employee to go to for questions as they arise with different situations. Coaching is a great way to teach employees skills but should not be confused with mentoring,
An executive coach reinforces effective performance, teaches specific technical or job-related skills, communicates and clarifies objectives and goals of the work group and organization, reinforces effective performance, and suggests specific behaviors for improvements. A mentor demonstrates successful career behaviors and serves as a role model in the career development of an employee, arranges for the employee to participate in high-visibility activities either