Call: High School and Auditorium Essay

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Curtin Call
As I stand completely still in the darkness, I hear the muffled screams of “Places!” over the headsets. Breathe in and out. I feel the sharp cold breeze from the curtain opening, it sends a chill down my spine, lights up, and I bask in the warmth of the lights for one second. I say my first line and the show begins in the auditorium; my favorite place. The auditorium and stage is where I feel most comfortable. I feel like I belong; I can be acting on stage, a spectator in the seats, or running around back stage to help make a performance run smoothly. I am at peace when I am there, it is my domain. I spend more time in the auditorium then I do at home. From September first to April first, every day after school I am there from 2:15 until 4:30 for rehearsal, and then every few months it is tech week for the next show and I am there until 10:00 pm. My safety blanket is the auditorium, I go there when I am sad or upset, happy, or just to stop by and think for a little while. My favorite time to be there is when on one else is in there, and I get to turn the lights on myself watch them slowly build up to full brightness, open and close the curtains, run around on the sets and towers, and just sing while there are no prying ears around to hear. The auditorium has been the place where I have stayed late after school, and taken classes in. It seems like every year of high school I spend more