Call Of The Wild Research Paper

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My favorite thing we read was Call of The Wild, I liked it because it was so easy to visualize. I also liked it because it wasn’t easy to follow and I like giving myself a challenge when I read. When we read the book it was amazingly good, and it was full of action there wasn’t ever a dull or boring moment in the book. The book itself pulled you in from the beginning and I never wanted to quit reading it because it was so good. The best part was when Buck pulled 1000 pounds by himself and John Thornton won a bunch of money because of Buck. Buck never gave up o John Thornton either he gave him 110% every time they did something which I liked.
This book is extraordinarily good to me, and if you like action books you will probably like it to. While reading this book I learned if you set a goal in life you can achieve it as long as you try really hard. When we first started reading it I really didn't like it but after a page or two it comes to you, and becomes good. The book is a great book to read you will learn so many new thing that you never have learned before. The book has a lot of positives to you get to learn about how dogs interact and get to know each other so you will learn things while reading this book. The book teaches you a bunch about the wildlife and how one little thing can make a big difference.
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This story is better than the others because you can visualize this one a lot more easier than you can with the other ones, and you can understand more about the story then the other ones. It is one of the best stories we have read in English class and is my favorite so far that we have read. The Call Of The Wild is a really great book and stands out so much from the other ones. One day I hope kids will read this amazing book. The book is really great book to just set down and read and a good story to read to older kids it does have a little violence, but that is what makes the story