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| Callaway Golf Canada: The Mobile Performance Team | Case Study | | | |
Jamie Merrimen
October 12, 2012
Business 1703 D1
Dr. Conor Vibert


Problem Statement
Wayne Mallette is the director of performance management for Callaway Golf Canada, the world`s largest golf club manufacturer. In 2004, Mallette launched the Mobile Performance Team (MPT), a team of 20 consultants who demonstrate the Callaway equipment line as well as measuring customers for custom equipment at private golf courses during the golf season. Mallette has been asked by Callaway Canada`s managing director to design a plan for the approaching 2008 golf season to make sure that Callaway Canada will stay ahead of its competitors.
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5) There is currently only one MPC per territory in Canada. There is an average of 30 different accounts in each territory, and Mallette believes that hiring more MPCs would be beneficial in by being able to give more attention to each account. Mallette says that by doubling the amount of MPCs, the amount of service provided would be doubled. This means that the cost of the MPT program would be doubled as well, considering training and wage expenses. Most fitting days are scheduled for four hours; typically, each golf club currently has one fitting day per month, as there is insufficient demand to require more (Jackman, Brett (2008) Callaway Golf Canada. Ivey Cases page 8). This leads to the fact that there is insufficient demand for Callaway Golf to hire more MPCs.

6) Callaway Golf is focused on working with their current accounts, which are mainly private clubs. If they were to work more closely with public clubs across the country by bringing them MPT program, more sales could potentially be made. This option would only be realistic if more MPCs were hired, as there are many public clubs across the country and the MPT wouldn’t be as successful if they started neglecting their current accounts.

Decision Criteria
Choosing to leave the MTP program the same would result in Callaway Golf`s net income for 2008 to slightly