calling all football fans Essay

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Are you tired of overpaying for food at away matches? Or is the food just not up to your standard? Well fear no more, as we have heard your cries for an alternative and we are delighted to announce it to you now. The Panenka Pie, named after the famous footballer known for his chipped penalties, is the cure to all your problems. The starter set comes with a reheatable bag in which allows three pies of your choice, this enables you to keep your pies warm when travelling to your destination, whether that’s a 6 hour drive down to Plymouth or a 6 minute trip down the road, your pies will stay warm. We offer our own pies, and what sets us apart from others is our variety, fancy a spicy pie? Try a chicken balti or tikka pie, craving a traditional taste of British pie? Try the meat and potato, or our innovative website allows you to customise your own to get the right choice for you and your family/friends. We not only do pies, but offer pasties, pizzas, and also more sweet tastes such as flans, tarts and even meringues. Panenka Pies really started out of the extortionate prices that football fans have to pay, when most are salt of the earth working class people, and to be priced out of eating when you can pay prices of around £50 for a ticket and £20 for travel is ridiculous. This is why we offer pies as just £1 each, this means for £3 you can fill up your bag which comes free with your first order! If you can find something like this for cheaper, we promise to lower our prices even more! We’re only interested in serving you here at Panenka Pie. Just imagine, on your way to the game with a friend who’s plan is to be over charged for the poor quality…