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“Calpurnia’s Double Life” Ever wonder how people act when they’re not around you, but around other people? Well, Calpurnia, from “To Kill a Mockingbird” by Harper Lee, is different when it comes to working at the Finch house and when she goes to First Purchase Church, showing a different side of Calpurnia. Calpurnia acts motherly when she’s at the Finch house, because their mother died when they were young, so they will learn their manners, how to treat others, how to be responsible, and will be discipline from Calpurnia. Calpurnia feelings are different with people she’s around, just like other people. Everyone acts differently toward different kinds of people, you probably act more energetic or gentle around your friends, but when you’re at home with your family, you probably act sluggish or vigorous. Calpurnia is a colored woman and has short curly black hair and dresses like a maid, but that’s because she is and she is technically their mother but not by blood, but by paid. Calpurnia says things just like a mother would, if you do something wrong, she will ask you to come see her and she will say things that a mother would say, like for example, Scout makes fun of Walter, because he pours maltose on his food, so Calpurnia calls Scout into the kitchen for making fun of him or calling him out for being revolting, but that’s how he is. Calpurnia yells at Scout and tells her that he’s her guest and you shouldn’t talk about or say anything rude, but keep it to yourself. Generally, Calpurnia is a natural mother to my perspective. She’s sympathetic, affectionate, and able to correct the children for their mistakes and make them responsible. Just like any mother Calpurnia has to teach Scout and Jem how their supposed to perform in the future, and now. When she’s around white people, Calpurnia uses proper grammar, but when she’s around colored people, she uses inadequate grammar, like slang. Calpurnia is a deferential woman, and very thoughtful, she acts harder on Scout; because she really has a soft spot for Scout, unlike Jem who is more responsible and looks up to Atticus and knows he has to watch over Scout, because she’s his little sister. While, Calpurnia feelings are different with the people she’s around, like for Scout (Personal though, I’m always going to probably use Scout as an example because she was mostly addressed with Calpurnia in the book.) Calpurnia really cares about Scout, that’s why she’s harder on her and because Scout doesn’t know her manners yet. Scout doesn’t see that why she’s so hard on her, Scout is so caught up in her own perspective; she doesn’t know that Calpurnia really cares about her. Scout never actually knew her mother or got to know her, because of her death, but she probably doesn’t know how a mother supposed to act, because her mother never got the chance to show her. That’s why Calpurnia there, to show Scout and Jem their wrongs and rights, and how they’re supposed to be and act, that shows she’s really compassionate, loving, and able to take care of them. In addition to that, everyone that has read the book and remembers, Calpurnia is a colored woman (black) with short curly black hair. According to Scout, Calpurnia is all angles and bones, she was nearsighted;…