Cam Archer Case Study Summary

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Cam Archer has been given the opportunity to choose between two offers within the organization. Thus, Archer possesses a great deal of power since Archer has control over the relevant resources (Brass & Burkhardt, 1993), which in this case includes Archer’s usefulness to the organization. However, Cam Archer has personal and professional goals to pursue and is dependent on Regan Kessel to make an offer more in line with Archer’s personal ambitions. Regan Kessel has been given the authority and opportunity to offer Cam Archer a compensation package that is more consistent with the employee’s goals. Therefore, Kessel actually possesses greater potential power in this organizational relationship. Regan Kessel has an opportunity to make Cam …show more content…
Such a recommendation has a tendency to “increase motivation, job satisfaction, organizational commitment, and job performance” (McShane & Glinow, p. 296). Kessel was sure that Archer was a more than capable asset to his division and preferred Archer work in product management and marketing, thus Archer also possessed a form of reward power, being pursued by two divisions within the organization and had autonomy to determine which division to work with and having the confidence that both divisions saw Archer as an asset. If Kessel recognizes this opportunity to extend to Archer a greater sense of empowerment, the organization would likely benefit from Archer’s commitment, contribution and performance within this …show more content…
If Kessel perceives the motivational incentives that appeal to Archer, his offer should reflect hose incentives. Kessel should hire Archer because Archer has proven organizational loyalty, commitment and sacrifice. Archer has strengthened critical allies within the organization which could be an added for future promotion. Though Mancini’s offer would offer higher monetary compensation, Kessel’s position in the negotiations allows him to offer Archer incentives that are consistent with her personal and professional goals.
Archer should be interested in the marketing position for the following reasons: first, Archer is a proven salesperson, yet working in sales was merely a stepping-stone for Archer. Archer’s focus went beyond personal accomplishment in sales and looked ahead at advancement within the organization. Second, Archer’s dedication to the organization did not come without a cost. Kessel’s offer could reduce Archer’s travel obligations and provide opportunities to develop outside interests. Third, Archer is motivated by challenge. Marketing would be a new area for Archer to develop and gain critical