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Long Beach City College Art & Photography Department
Photography 31AB, Section # 30710 Spring 2013

Instructor: Amanda Keller Konya


Office hours: Instructor is available to meet with students before or after class. All appointments must be scheduled and confirmed via email.

Optional Textbook: A Short Course in Photography, 8th Edition
Barbara London and Jim Stone, ISBN: 0-205-06640-2
The textbook is available in the campus bookstore for approximately $56.90, additionally you may find this book used on line at for approximately $35.00

PCC Photo lab phone number: (562) 938-3030
LAC Photo lab phone number: (562) 938-4001

Meeting days, time and location:
Tuesday and Thursday 8:00 – 8:55 am PCC – EE108 lecture 8:55 – 12:05 pm PCC – EE108 lecture

Weekly Class Structure: 2.0 hours lecture, 6.0 hours laboratory

Syllabus & course schedule subject to change at the instructor’s discretion.

Course Overview:
Photo 31 AB is a one-semester course for the beginning photography student. The course curriculum includes the study of manual camera use, exposure, traditional film and print processing, basic lighting, shooting techniques and a variety of photographic genres. In addition, students will be introduced to digital photography and the digital workflow. Historical and contemporary photographers will be discussed as students explore photography as a means for visual communication. Students will produce meaningful images as they practice the technical, aesthetic and conceptual components of photography.

Student Learning Outcomes:
1. Distinguish safe and appropriate procedures and practices utilized in a photography studio and lab.
2. Criticize, Analyze and Compare 2-dimensional visual art.
3. Create, Design and Produce photographic images.

Special Needs: If you require any special assistance please contact the Disabled Students Programs and Services (DSPS) office on campus immediately and we will do our best to accommodate your needs. DSPS can be contacted at (562) 938-4558.

Handouts: Most handouts for this course will be sent via LBCC email. Please be sure your LBCC webmail account is active. If you wish you may forward your LBCC email account to your personal email account. Students should check their email for class handouts, assignments and notes prior to each class meeting

Additional Lab Hours: This class will require production hours within the photo facilities beyond our scheduled class time. In addition to your enrollment in any of the photography courses all students are required to enroll in Photo 281AD. If you have enrolled in Photo 281AD for four semesters you will need to enroll in Photo 291AD. Enrollment in this lab will allow you access to the photography facilities on both campuses outside of class hours. See the Photo 281/291 lab description for detailed information and course requirements.

Lab Fee: All students must pay a lab fee of $20.00 to the Photo Club account at the ASB bank counter. You will need to show your receipt each time you produce a digital print.

31B or Second Semester Students: Students repeating the course must identify them self to the instructor by the end of the first class meeting. Course requirements for second semester students may be modified based on the individual students past experience.

Course Requirements:
1) Participation, Student Conduct & Student Attendance (15 points):
The attendance policy stated within the LBCC catalog is strictly enforced.
Each student’s participation & student conduct grade will be dropped one complete grade for each unexcused absence.
Students who are absent in excess of 20 percent of the total class hours or for two consecutive weeks may be dropped from class. Absences from more than 6 classes will result in a course grade of F unless the 6th absence is before the guaranteed W deadline.