Cameron Diaz's Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

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Approximately 3.3 million US citizens have obsessive compulsive disorder in a year. Many well known celebrities, including Cameron Diaz, also have this difficult disorder. “ I think I’ve made my peace with it”, as Cameron Diaz once said. Cameron Diaz overcame the odds and became very successful. She has ocd and “made peace” with it; and has been in about twenty-three movies. Cameron Diaz is a very famous actor. Cameron Diaz was born August 30th, 1972. She began modeling at an early age of 16, and started acting in 1994. She has been in several hit movies including There’s Something about Mary and The Mask. She recently married Benji Madden and is pregnant, expecting twins. Along with her busy celebrity life, she has obsessive compulsive