Cameron Tucker's Case Summary

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A fictional character from the show “Modern Family” named Cameron Tucker (Levitan, & Lloyd, 2009) was examined in the efforts to understand the assessment and treatment planning of an individual who had sought therapy. Through the creation of a biopsychosocial report derived from a fictitious intake process, the student was able to create a clinical hypothesis of the character and identify two concerns that warrant assessment: Cameron’s self-reported anxiety level, and his stated lack of focus with career choices. The Beck Anxiety Inventory (BAI) and the Strong Interest Inventory (Strong) were suggested to be utilized in the treatment process. By using the results of both formal assessments and the counselor’s observations a case conceptualization and preliminary treatment plan were created. The results demonstrated a focus on client’s …show more content…
Presenting Problem Client reports episodes of crying nervously because of excessive worry at least four times a week for the past seven months. Client states he just does not “feel right” at his job and describes his job as “unfulfilling.” Client states he has difficulty focusing at work, and he feels “on edge.” Client states the he has not able to fall asleep or stay asleep nightly, and he has been suffering from nausea on and off for the last six months. “I have a problem! I feel too much! I have done nothing with my life!” Client reports that he came to therapy because his partner says he needs to sort himself out.
Client Description and Behavior The Client is a 44 year old, openly gay, male Caucasian, approximately 6’ 2”, apparently overweight. He was wearing appropriate attire comprising of a colorful printed button down shirt, jeans, and loafers. He had good hygiene, well-trimmed hair, and manicured nails. He presented as neat and clean. He was on time for his