Cammie Character Analysis

Words: 575
Pages: 3

A round character in the book is Cammie because I feel that the author has fully developed her using characterization techniques and she most certainly exhibits many character traits. Some of her character traits include small, secretive, knowledgeable, kind, unique, powerful, risky, alert, silent, quiet, sneaky, courageous, sly, clever, smart, leader, experienced, loving, careful, stubborn, fierce, strong, loyal, determined, curious, short, quick, and dangerous. Many of these character traits come her being a spy and, “At [her] school, they call [her] the Chameleon” (5). Also, she exhibits some of these character traits due to her friends and the bond they have. Cammie shouts at Bex, “I wouldn’t lie to you, Bex, I have never lied to you” (77). …show more content…
After Cammie arrives at the school after being through a traumatic experience Tina still, “push[s] closer, trying to get some kind of scoop” (18). Later, when eating breakfast Cammie thinks, “... for a second, no one had anything to say. Well, no one but Tina Walters. Tina seemed exactly like her old self as she pushed aside a bowl of strawberry jam, leaned on the table, and lowered her voice” (43). Here, Tina, as it even says in the book, is the same as before, and doesn’t really think about how it affects others. A dynamic character in this book is Bex who does change throughout the book, as she goes from being very hostile to Cammie, to finally accepting her again and going back to being friends. When Bex talks to Cami for the first time after not seeing her she says, “You don’t get it, do you?” Her voice was more hiss than whisper. “Until forty-eight hours ago, we didn’t” (21). At this time, Bex is angry at Cammie because Bex and Cammie’s two other best friends really didn’t think they'd ever see Cammie again. Some time later Cammie “realized that, to Bex, [she] was still gone” (91) and she yells out, “What do I have to do