Camp MYW Reflection Essay

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Camp Mini-Yo-We reflection
1. In my opinion I found the camp really enjoyable because we got to work together in the nature. I really enjoyed the food that they served because there was lots of variety to it and it was really tasty. Also the facilities were mostly very clean but one thing that I did not like was the washroom situation in our cabin. In the washroom there was only one stall and one shower available to use in our cabin. The activities that I enjoyed the most were fire building, canoeing/canoe rescue, and the Olympics. Fire building was really fun because we had to work together in groups to gather the materials we needed then we had to cooperate to build the fire in order to be successful. Another activity I really enjoyed was canoeing because in order to have your canoe travel straight and fluidly you have to communicate with your partner. The canoe tipping and rescue was also really cool because the water was really cold and there were also cold winds blowing at us. Canoe rescue was a really important activity because if we go on a spring canoe trip as a class we need to know how to properly get back onto our canoe in case we tip over. The last activity that I really enjoyed was the Olympics because it incorporated all of the skills that we learned into one single challenge. It was also very fun because it was competitive meaning that you were trying to work with your group to get the best time in order to win. That challenge was like a practice for a canoe trip because in the Olympics activity we had to set up and take down a tent, paddle a cone to a destination and back, portage the canoe, and build a fire to boil water. It stimulated something that you might have to do on an outdoor trip.
2. The most important skill that I learned that I didn’t know before was how to do a canoe rescue. It is a really important skill because you need to know how to get back onto your canoe if you flip over. One thing that I learned about myself is that I am in a much better mood when I am outside interacting with the nature and learning with my friends. Another thing that I learned about myself is that a little bit of communication with your group can make a big difference. I learned this from canoe practice with my canoe partner