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Executive Summary
Campaign Overview Larand Industrial Fittings is a brand who offers high quality industrial fittings and after-market connectors. They offer anything from fuel fittings to fuel line assemblies, quick connects to primer bulbs or gas accessories for industrial engines. The target for Larand’s AdWords campaign was to boost customer awareness of the products, and to increase traffic of the business website to be able to get new customers and increase sales. Our campaign was launched on the 23rd of March and ran for 15 days (till Apr. 5th), and cost $252.28. We created 4 different AdGroups in 4 different campaigns to advertise the products sold by Larand Inc. The use of more generic keywords in all of our campaigns allowed customers who were not familiar with the brand to become familiarized with it, offering them a new brand where to get purchase their marine products from. Moreover, 2 ads were created for each of the campaigns in order to increase awareness of the brand.
Overall the search network campaign met most of the goals set at the beginning. The results of all campaigns came to be a total of 401 clicks, 53,499 impressions, $0.63 CPC, 0.75% CTR. We consider this a very satisfactory result for a relatively unknown brand. The most successful campaign was “Fuel Line Assemblies” which brought a total of 197 clicks to the website and reached a CTR of 1.02%. Overall, we recommend Larand Inc. to continue using AdWords as a cost-effective tool to increase awareness and boost sales.
Industry Component
Campaign Overview The main goal of the campaign was to boost customer awareness of the different products Larand Inc. offers, and to increase traffic of the business website to be able to reach new customers and boost sales. The main goal when setting our campaigns was to familiarize customers online with the products offered by Larand Inc. which in the future would be expected to turn in future sales. We set up our campaigns to match the more common search queries for marine products. For the keywords in each of our AdGroups we created them with different levels of specificity; ranging from more universal to specific. Some of the results we found from our setup with keywords is that the universal ones worked much better than the specific ones. All of our campaigns were setup to be Search Network only.
Our campaign was launched on the 23rd of March and ran for 15 days (till Apr. 5th). The campaigns started with 1 different AdGroup for each campaign. Throughout the whole campaign we did not make any radical changes to our campaign and AdGroup structure. After the first 2 days the campaign was running we decided to keep all AdGroups for a few more days until we could see which ones were the most profitable. Moreover, since we had a strict budget we lowered the amount bid per keywords. We lowered the mount bid per keywords with the goal of increasing clicks, For example, once of our budgets was a strict $10 a day which we could get 13 clicks at .75 cents rather than 10 at .99 cents. We played around with the bids of our keywords making sure we were getting traffic and the keywords staying in at least position 3 – 4. The operational goals of our campaigns was to obtain high CTR and low CPC. In order to achieve this goal all of the group members monitored and optimized the campaigns on a daily-basis. Throughout the period of the campaign our team tried to do face-to-face meetings at least two times per week to discuss big changes or strategies that should be applied to the campaigns. Other minor changes such as, adjusting single bids and optimizing keywords were done independently by each group member. In addition, we had a group e-mail where we would discuss problems, announce changes made to the campaigns independently and share ideas.


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Our campaign was launched on the…