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Swiffer Campaign Analysis Since seniors are a fast growing segment of our population, more and more products are being marketed to this audience. Many of us have aging grandparents and are therefore interested in these products as well. From the famous "I've fallen and can't get up" commercial for Life Alert and similar products to protect seniors, to the now very popular Swiffer campaign featuring a charming couple in their 90s, companies are employing elderly people to sell their products. The techniques employed are simplistic and straightforward so as not to confuse older folks who may not be aware of more sophisticated experiences. Thus, Lee and Morty Kaufman, the aging husband and wife in these ads, are the ideal people to market cleaning items that would be helpful to the elderly in keeping their homes tidy without employing outside help. P&G has run a series of these ads stating that "At P&G, we believe the everyday things can have the most extraordinary impact in life." They further indicate that the ads are intended to show that simple innovations of cleaning equipment and make a big difference in the lives of older people living on their own. While the target audience is age 60 and above, the commercials will also be of interest to younger people who have family members in the targeted age group. These ads have proved to be highly successful. They simply show Lee and her husband Morty, both 90 years old, in their home. Lee is busy trying to clean, while Morty supervises her efforts. The fact that they are a real-life couple adds immensely to the validity of the ad. Not only is easy for elderly people to identify with them, but not being actors contributes to the impression that they are being truthful with their acceptance and use of Swiffer cleaning products. The commercials follow basically the same format. Lee will be struggling to perform some household cleaning task (washing the kitchen floor, dusting hard to reach places) while Morty fusses that she should be careful. The doorbell rings and some unknown benefactor leaves a box of Swiffer products on the front porch. Lee and Morty open the box and examine each item, holding it up so it is easy for the viewer to see and remember. Lee then uses the product, keeping up a running commentary on how simple it is to use. Morty, predictably dozes off in his chair. The "realness factor" of this campaign cannot be overestimated. Although these items can be used by all age groups, targeting the elderly and utilizing old people to demonstrate the ease of use is a highly effective marketing strategy. Viewers respond positively to the couple because they are so believable as well as charming. The music background is unobtrusive but of an upbeat nature. It is a catchy little tune that adds to the effectiveness of the ad as people will enjoy the song as well as being captivated by Lee and Morty. One ad ends with the husband and wife humming and dancing with each other in their now clean kitchen. Everything about these commercials has been chosen carefully with an eye to the target audience. Although the techniques and strategies are brilliantly employed, much of the success of these ads is due to the delightful personalities of Lee and Morty. Both their physical appearance and the folksy delivery of the message greatly enhance the commercials. The end of the ad displays the Swiffer logo and a brief text message referring to the couple. Although the primary target is elderly folk, children of aging parents will also be interested in these commercials. The products will be of use, not only to themselves but also to mom and dad, keeping them comfortable in their home. With all the commercials being shown on TV today, the Swiffer ads