Campbell Soup Company and Campbell Essay

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Annual Sales of more than $8 billion
Brands in 3 core categories; soup & simple meals, snacks, and healthy beverages
Led by their $2.1 billion Campbell’s brand but is extended beyond soup;
Pepperidge farm cookies, goldfish crackers, Arnott’s, Kjeldsens and Royal Dansk biscuits; V8 juices; Bolthouse Farms super-premium beverages, carrots and dressings; Plum Organics premium organic baby food; Swanson broths; Prego pasta sauces; and Pace Mexican sauce
Joseph Campbell (a fruit merchant) and Abraham Anderson (an icebox manufacturer) form the business in 1869 in Camde, New Jersey
In 1876 Anderson leaves the partnership and in 1882 Arthur Dorrance joins Campbell to form a new company
Dorrance succeeds Campbell as president, and Campbell retires ending the association of the Campbell family with the company
In 1895 the first can of Campbell’s ready-to-eat tomato soup is introduced
In 1897 Dorrance’s nephew invents the formula for condensed soup; he creates 5 varieties, one of which was tomato which remains one of the top 10 shelf-stable food items sold in U.S. grocery stores today
In 1898 the company takes on the red-and-white soup labels based off the Cornell’s new football uniforms
In 1900 Campbell’s won a medal for product excellence at the Paris Exposition
In 1904 the Campbell’s Kids were born and over the years they would be portrayed playing many roles including army doctors during WWI and athletes training for the 2010 winter games
In 1911 Campbell’s soups achieve national distribution
In 1914 Dr. John T. Dorrance, Arthurs nephew becomes president of the company until his death in 1930
In 1915 Campbell has its first acquisition (Franco-American Food Company)
1992, Campbell adopts “soup” as its middle name, they officially become Campbell Soup Company
In 1930 Arthur C. Dorrance becomes President of the company
Campbell begins radio advertising “M’m! M’m! Good!” jingle launched nationally
Chicken Noodle and Cream of Mushroom are introduced –also remain tip 10 shelf-stable food items today
Margaret Rudkin founds Pepperidge Farm to produce and sell breads she created
Campbell’s Test Kitchens open, developing recipes using condensed soups that become classics
James McGowan, Jr. becomes President of the company
Campbell acquires the V8 vegetable juice brand—leading vegetable juice in the US
1950, First Campbell’s television commercial airs. Company goes on to sponsor such highly-rated shows as “Lassie” and “Peter Pan”
1953, William Beverley “Bev” Murphy becomes president of the Company
In 1954, Campbell Soup Company goes public on the New York Stock Exchange
In 1955, Pepperidge Farm launches European-style cookie line (Bordeaux and Brussels and Milano brand) Also, the green bean bake was also introduced this year and continues to be one of the most popular requested recipes
1957, a new corporate headquarters in Camden, New Jersey and establishes an international division. Two years later they enter Australia and Mexico
In 1961, Campbell acquires Pepperidge Farm who a year later introduces the Goldfish cracker—today is one of the most popular snack crackers
1962, Dr. John T. Dorrance’s song becomes chairman of the Board and also Any Warhol paints his first Campbell’s soup can
1965, Campbell creates a food service division to serve restaurants and related establishments. Also, Franco-American introduces SpaghettiOs pasta
Campbell acquires Godiva in 1966 and later sells it in 2008
1970, Campbell’s ready-to-serve soups are introduced
Harold A. Shaub becomes president of the company in 1972
1973, Campbell introduces Labels for Education, a program which allows schools and community groups to redeem labels from Campbell products for computers, sports equipment, musical instruments and more
Vlasic Foods, Inc. is acquired in 1978
R. Gordon McGovern becomes President and CEO of the company in 1980
In 1981 Campbell introduces Prego past sauces, based on Campbell chefs favorite family recipe
In 1983, Campbell’s