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Alexander Nordlund
Sabrena O'Keefe
June 24, y

Career Bash was set up just like many of the other events here at BBC. There were different tables that had different companies with representatives that told the students about their services, ranging from a table set up to help students with resumes, job opportunities, etc., to a table set up with a restaurant advertising their chicken wings and offering jobs and discounts to students as well. The event was located at the Wolf University Center, and my buddies and I received free food, merchandise advice on how to write resumes, etc. The food that they gave out for free was pizza. As shallow as this might sound, free food is what makes these events special as anyone who goes to college on a tight budget. I’m glad FIU knows how to appeal to the college demographic and I’m sure their events wouldn’t be nearly as packed if they didn’t.
I chose this activity because I think it’s important to learn about job opportunities throughout the area, and get some advice on how to kick-start my career plans. I was surprised to see that not every college student at BBC was there, considering that whole point of being in college is to get the student ready for a bright career path. I felt like it as my responsibility to urge my friends to tag along because I wanted them to get free merchandise and same experience that I got. That day, I told myself that the best time to start planning my career was as soon as possible, so why not start today with the Career Fair?
The event started early in the day, probably around 10 or 11 o’clock, and lasted until around 2 in the afternoon arrived at noon and wasted no time walking around the tables and speaking to several representatives. As I mentioned previously, the best part of Career Bash 2014 was getting the free food, but I enjoyed hearing about the different job opportunities available to biological and computer science majors (soon to be minor or second major).…