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Candace Hadnot
Professor Farias
Psychology 3
Football or Failure Football is one of the best sports in America. People love to watch it for entertainment but what they don’t know is that the players are getting seriously injured. Many football players have died from the effects of a disease known as CTE. I believe some better rules and regulations should be set for fans to continue watching and players to continue playing football. Some things I believe that should be changed in football are better health conditions, automatic retirement if injured, and players should have their lifetime injuries taken care of, plus they should have all health expenses paid for.
The players should have better health conditions. There should be weekly checkups to make sure they are properly functioning. The players should be authorized to bring back a paper to their coach signed and stating that they are good to get back on the field. Also, players should not be able to play if they have not recovered from an injury. The player needs to stay at the hospital and recover properly before they can play football again. Also, they need some kind of test to prove they can play normally. Not only do the players need better health conditions, they should also retire if they are injured.
A football player should automatically retire if they are brutally injured. They should retire if they have a fractured skull. If they stop playing the first couple of times they fracture their skull they can have a better life span. They should also retire if they start to form a speech impediment. They can get speech lessons and try to talk properly again before it is too late. Also, if they have brutal back and knee injuries they should retire too. The player can be sent to a rehabilitation center to see if their knees and back can be structured again. Not only should players automatically retire if injured, but also they should get paid for their lifetime injuries.
Football players should have their lifetime injuries taken care of, plus they should have all their health expenses paid for. They should have an in-home caregiver. The caregiver should make sure they are functioning properly and they should