Essay on Can phone calls kill you?

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Can phone calls kill you?
THESIS: Unless the risks of cell phones are shown to outweigh the benefits, we should not restrict their use in moving vehicles.We should educate the public about the dangers of driving phone calling and prosecute irresponsible phone users under laws on reckless driving.
I. Scientific studies haven’t proved a link between use of cell phones and traffic accidents
A. Most states do not keep records on accidents caused by driver’s distractions.
B. In a survey of research on cell phones and driving, Cell-phone texting has become the preferred channel of basic communication between teens and their friends, and cell calling is a close second. II. The risks of using cell phones while driving should be crimed against that.
A. Daily text messaging by teens to friends has increased rapidly since early 2008. Some 38% of teens were daily texters in February 2008, and that has risen to 54% of teens who use text daily in September 2009. Of the 75% of teens who own cell phones, 87% use text messaging at least occasionally.
B. Teens typically make or receive 5 calls a day. White teens typically make or receive 4 calls a day, or around 120 calls a month, while black teens exchange 7 calls a day or about 210 calls a month and Hispanic teens typically make and receive 5 calls a day or about 150 calls a month.
C. Parents exert some measure of control over their child’s mobile phone – limiting its uses, checking its contents and using it to monitor the whereabouts of their offspring. In fact, the latter is one of