Can Television Improve Social and Political Life in the United States Essay

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Theme two Media and American Culture- The medium is the message As the development of media, our society has been explored further and better by those mediums that people created. And every medium is now playing a important role which has been promoting the development of society because some messages that the mediums bring to people exactly makes our lives more fun and convenient such as the TV shows we always watch is what TV brings to us, or the news is what Internet brings to us. However, the great and valuable “messages” are not the messages that the media spread all the times, but the nature of the mediums that every message coms from. Then, most people now only know that they love the TV shows but not TV, or they love the FaceBook but not internet. For my topic, I would like to identify and analyze the implications and consequences that it may have directly on America Society through a huge medium, internet. As we know, internet as one of the mediums created by people has became the one which people rely on and enjoy the most in this modern world. For my opinion, internet is more like a ultimate medium which coverages a lot of messages from different other mediums and then brings those to people. internet as a medium now is playing the most important role in this world because people couldn’t even imagine what life will be like without internet. So what I’m saying is that internet exactly promotes the development of American Society and brings a lot of positive implications and consequences to us. For example, news now are not only the message of newspaper, but also internet. In this point, I have to say that internet as the best medium really helps news spread out further because most youth don’t always read news from newspaper, but they would like to click the topic of the news which they think it might be interesting. Also, real books are not the only way to read your textbook, but Ebook is also the way. To be honest, Ebook is just convenient because it directly brings you to the related pages when we search the key words in EBook. Then you don’t have to find it by yourself. However, I personally believe not only the positive implications and consequences that internet would bring to America Society, but the negative ones also. For my own opinion, internet is also changing what we think and who we are because people actually fail on their own considering now when they exactly depend on and believe in the messages from internet. Let’s relate to example one, the negative implications and consequences that internet as the best medium brings to people is that actually most of people lose the ability of tell right from wrong when they are looking at news from internet. In fact, people already used to strongly believe the message which is spread by the huge medium, internet. The truth is that we would like to bring umbrella when internet weather forecast says that it will rain tomorrow because we believe that it will. Have we ever thought about that why it will rain or why it is true? The answer is that we only care about where to find an umbrella. Then, people are going to fail on thinking when they become to the believers of internet. But is it necessary that if we bring umbrella for a sunny day? What I am saying is that people actually lose their own cognitive ability when they would like to believe the information they get from internet without any doubt. Probably most of information on internet is absolutely true, but internet makes people feel easier to get the truth. When people face to the information we see on internet, people don’t have the evidence to doubt it because they don’t have experience for exploring the truth. However, now people already failed on explore truth by themselves, so now we don’t have instinct to doubt it. Furthermore, from internet, the one we got probably is truth, but the one we lost is the ability of deep considering about why it is true. Also, the messages on internet that more