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Can We Talk?
Interpersonal Communications
Denise Palmer
Instructor: Janelle Harrison
December 31, 2012

Can We Talk? The article “Can We Talk” made me understand what having self-disclosure in a relationship and the important part it plays in married couples who want to turn the good into a great marriage. You have to be willing to explore new possibilities. Some people would say it’s keeping the spice in a relationship that you will never get bored or too relaxed with your partner. Keep in mind in order for this to work for the good for the relationship, both parties has to be open to try new things. Another way is you have to know your partner and this would let you know if this is ok or not. I would call it bringing new ideas into the bedroom without offending the other person. Every relationship can use a little pick me up , if it’s just he rubs your feet and you rub his, just to look into each other’s eyes and know each other’s thoughts. This is why self-disclosure is important for satisfaction in a relationship. When it comes to differences in gender, women to me are a little easier to introduce to new ideas than men. When you have been in a long relationship, sometimes men are a little more skeptic to new ideas. But then sometimes so are women. When it comes to having similarities with this article and self-disclosure, I would say that my husband and I have been married a long time. We try to be open with each other, share our feelings and…