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Assignment 1

Canadian Cultural Mosaic

Professor:MacDonald, Deanna

Student :Weihong Qiao 018701128

Due Day: June 10th 20,2015

When I first came to Canada about six years ago, I, similar as most of other new immigrants, felt excited as well as a little feared because I was going to have a new life which is completed different from the one I had before in China. I thought that I had to abandon the Chinese life-style and adapted a kind of new western life style instead. However, when I started to know the culture and society of Canada, I found that the reality is different from what I was expected.

Canada is the first country that adopted multiculturalism as an official policy from 1971 until now. In my opinion, this is the main reason that I can still live as a Chinese in this country. Chinese people occupy a large part of Canada’s society and this means that at the beginning of my arrival, it was not really hard for me to get adapted. I bought a car from a Chinese dealer, bought a house from a Chinese agent and went to Chinese markets to buy Chinese foods, etc. We all know that living in a new country with different language is hard. However, Canada allows people to keep their own life style and their original culture. This makes me feel comfortable because such way gives me a feeling that I am still at “home” and I think this is the most charming feature of why Canada attracts a numerous people from the world to immigrant or travel every year.
In my view, multiculturalism is an expression of toleration. In Canada, we can see different people from the whole world to study and work together even though they do not have the same background. People try to understand each other not only by overcoming