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Ezgi Cevizci
3 Deaconwood dr. North York/ON
To: Prime Minister of Canada Dear Mr. Harper, My name is Ezgi Cevizci, I am 15 years old and a student in A.Y Jackson Secondary School.
I compose this letter to you as a consequence of how we (Canadians) ignore First Nations.

I think that First Nations deserve to be treated just like citizens/immigrants. They deserve to get educated, and they do not deserve to be ignored in Canada. More than 2,000,000 people have Aboriginal identity, which makes 5% of Canada's population. They are known as having alcohol problems but who's fault is that? It's my fault, it's your fault, it's citizen's fault. Alcohol-related deaths among First Nations people are six times higher compared to the general population. Isn't this sad? If I'm not wrong Canada is not a racist country, Canada respects all the cultures, languages and all the skin colours. But if true Canadians, (who were here before Europeans/us) not treated the same just like general population doesn't it make us racist? Makes Canada racist towards First Nations?
When I was searching online about Aboriginal People I came across a lot of hate comments against them, One of them was “ I guess alcohol and drugs made them stupid” don't you think this is going too far, Mr. Harper no one ever deserves these kind of words. First Nations are suffering more acutely by any other Canadian community, by any economic and health measure. Proportionately, they vastly overpopulate jails and the foster-care system. They die sooner and face the highest levels of poverty, disease and violence.

But we could stop this from happening now on, you could stop this. They could get educated, they could get jobs, they could get over alcohol problems with your help. They could be 100% free just like us. And if they get jobs and work they could pay taxes and they could…